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  • MENOPAUSE, will this be a headache for me?

    Menopause marks the end of a woman’s fertility, and even though, it is not a disease or disorder, it does prompt several changes in a woman’s body creating headaches and challenging situations for some women.

    The timing of the menopause can vary from one woman to another but the average age of menopause in estimated at 51 years in the United States.

    Changes to the menstrual pattern are the first symptoms you might experience. While some women will have periods as frequent as every 2 to 3 week, some others won’t have any for several months at a time.
    Once you have had your final period, you might start experiencing the not so welcoming flashes and night sweats, causing some discomfort like red and patchy skin, sweating, and heart rate increased. Thankfully these symptoms usually last a few minutes at a time.

    Emotional changes during menopause are some of the challenges that you can find most difficult. They are completely normal, but they can trigger mood swings, feelings of depression, loss of sex drive, and sometimes sleep problems.

    During menopause, it is highly recommended to visit a doctor since the onset of menopause can bring other health problems more than just hot flashes such as heart disease, ovarian cancer or osteoporosis among others. Even though these diseases won’t affect most women, it is a good idea to listen to the recommendations from a health professional and get to know the options to help you cope with any of the symptoms.

    Nobody knows your body better than you do, and being open and addressing any concerns with your doctor, will help you go through this process with much more ease and knowledge, and the ability to catch any problem early on.

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