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  • Sexuality during pregnancy

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    Sexuality during pregnancy

    One of the most frequent taboos in society is that a pregnant woman should not have sex during pregnancy and this has generated several controversies from the personal, psychological and medical point of view.

    After many studies, it is totally false that women shouldn’t engage in any sexual activity during pregnancy, on the contrary, it is beneficial in order to unite more effectively the couple since the moment of intimacy in this state strengthens the bonds of union, even participates in the emotional development of the baby.

    Sex can improve the mood during pregnancy, however it is important to take into consideration the advice of a specialized doctor, since as well as it can bring great benefits it can also can become risky in certain cases.

    Sometimes it can generate contractions and accelerate delivery or lead to placental abruption including bleeding and then disability.

    Always seek the best advice from a gynecologist, you can find many possibilities and benefits in your health.

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