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  • What are uterine polyps?

    Have you been experiencing irregular or heavier than usual menstrual periods, spotting in between or bleeding after menopause? You might consider talking with your Gynecologist about these symptoms because you might have uterine polyps.

    Uterine polyps are oval or round growths that occur in the endometrium. They are usually benign but they can cause problems like the ones mentioned before and sometimes they could cause infertility. The exact reason for this condition is still unknown but hormonal changes appear to play a big role.

    Most of the women affected by this condition are between 40 and 50 years old and studies have found that if they suffer from high blood pressure, are overweight, or taking Tamoxifen (a drug therapy for breast cancer) the chances to develop Uterine Polyps increase.

    If you find yourself having this condition, you and your medical provider will discuss the treatment option that will be more beneficial for you. In most cases, they will be removed doing a Hysteroscopy, which is a relative simple procedure were you may be either lightly or fully sedated and most likely you will be able to go home the same day and fully recovered within two weeks. Sometimes these polyps may reappear over time and you might need another treatment.

    Having regular follow-up care with your Gynecologist is essential for your overall well-being. Many of the female reproductive system conditions are easily treated when they are diagnosed early on and when you have an open conversation about the symptoms you might be experiencing.

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